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Surviving Modernism Through Life and Death [Jun. 12th, 2007|07:12 pm]
Veritism - Back to Basics


"Today there is a lot of discussion revolving around the possibility of
a traditional art form, breaking the boundaries of modern subjectivism
and materialism. For many artists the main problem with modern art is
the unhealthy focus on crossing conventionalism with
traditionalism in an attempt to establish a new art form free from
its forerunners. It is said that modernism is the focus on the human
mind and its revolt against the physical boundaries, maintaining
natural laws and limitations. We see it in the denial of ethnic
differences, in "equality" between individuals, in "relativistic art",
but perhaps most clearly, in the worldview of modern man: the human
individual is the central creature of the cosmos and, as such, is seen
as the highest form of idea in the universe.

Several artists raged against this social conception, interpreting it
as a crime against the system in which we all live. They based their
ideas on the inseparability between object and subject and, as such,
denied the modern worldview where the human mind is thought to enact
total control over its physical surroundings. This journey proved to
be confusing, dramatic, and close to impossible - but their strong
wills aroused their senses with courage to live in a world they hated,
and to create something out of the past, presented for people living
today. Two of these heroes are the modernist writers Hermann Hesse and
Thomas Mann."